Medical Reserve Corps volunteers

All volunteers will be provided with training to help in the time of need. Including emergency shelter operations, emergency dispensing and field triage etc.

Medical Reserve Corps Mission:

To provide surge capacity to first responders during a disaster with trained medical and non medical volunteers

Statewide support

  • Provide trained volunteers to help communities out side our region
  • State requests for trained MRC volunteers

Medical Reserve Corps Well Check Program

The Medical Reserve Corps Well Check Team can provide a service the supports existing community organizations and city departments with a daily well check for at risk residents. The Medical Reserve Corps Well Check Trained volunteers are HIPPA compliant and have been CORIed and SORIed. 

Key Activities
•    Daily Well Check Communications 
•    Tracking the patient status with their care provider or emergency contact
•    Reporting to patients care provider or emergency contact if there is a reason to follow up with the patient to identify additional services if needed.

Distribution Channels
•    Direct Phone Calls
•    Email, Text, Audio File or social media

Patient Relationships
•    Continuity of service
•    Continuity of Health Check Specialists

Health Care Providers will have the information that they need to be able to mitigate health or cognitive issues prior to a hospitalization due to a worsening health or cognitive problem or noncompliance to care plan.
By using this service in community health it is safe to say it will increase patient compliance and provided an opportunity for early intervention for new or worsening health issues. 

This program can improve the overall health of patients in the program. 

     North Shore Cape Ann

Topsfield Regional Medical Reserve Corps